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Why Choose Our School- Eminence Schools, Ota

Eminence School Ota

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Choosing the correct school for your child is a hard and daunting process and many things should be taken into consideration before you make this decision.

We have compiled this list of the unique features that make Eminence Schools, Ota stand out and why we are confident this school is probably the best option for your child.

We not only challenge the mind – we nurture the soul

We prepare our pupils for life after school, not just by giving them a broad and well balanced education but also by instilling correct values and attitudes to give them the best start in life.

Active parent participation

Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s education at anytime – we believe that the partnership of parents and teachers is vital to achieve the child’s full potential.

Class sizes

With small class sizes (current student to teacher ratios are 16:1 for the whole school), your child gets the individual attention necessary for them to thrive. Children are known personally by their teachers which not only gives the children a feeling of self worth and improves their self confidence, but also allows the staff to carefully monitor the child’s development.


ICT is part of our curriculum. This enables student to develop their computer skills and prepares them for a career in a modern office. They research class material, do their homework, play creative learning games, read their textbooks, give presentations… and more, all on their own. and we have digitalize our school with the introduction of modern students’ portal.

Students are individuals

We recognise and acknowledge the unique spirit and talent of each individual child. Students have a sense of belonging in a supportive and happy environment where their range of talents and creativity will be nurtured enabling them to achieve excellence.

Table of Contents